In addition to affordable treatments, we also offer the quality training to back them up.  During your treatments at Keep it Young, you will be in professional, well trained and caring hands.  Education is first and foremost when it comes to your body, and our training exceeds most.


Facials are given by an esthetician, a skin care specialist who has gone through a professional training program in the field of skin care. But not all estheticians are the same. You want someone who is skilled, experienced, has good "hands" and is a stickler for sanitation.

There can be excellent estheticians at resort spas, but it's ideal to work with someone on a regular basis rather than get a facial once in a while, always with someone different.

If you decide to make facials a part of your skin care routine, remember you will get the best results if they are done regularly. Be sure to tell your esthetician about all topical and oral medications you are currently using to avoid unwanted reactions.

Signs of A Good Esthetician

The esthetician gives you a relaxing facial customized to your skin.  They can do extractions without causing too much discomfort and is responsive to your pain threshold.

They ask about your home skin care routine and advises you on how to take care of your skin between facials. She advises you on what products are best suited for your skin without being pushy.

A good esthetician recognizes skin problems that require a dermatologist. If you have a problem that needs a medical doctor, the esthetician lets you know.


Name the Most Common Misconceptions About Electrolysis

Some people think that electrolysis is very painful and that it costs a lot of money for each visit. People need to realize that electrolysis is permanent but it does take a series of treatments to achieve permanent hair removal. The hairs that need to be removed did not grow overnight and they will not disappear overnight, either.

What Do You Most Love About Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a very personal service to have done. A person has their personal space invaded and needs to feel comfortable with their electrologist. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing how happy they are with the treatments.  I want everyone to feel good about how they look and how they feel about themselves. I get personal satisfaction from making others feel good.

  • As soon as you walk into the office you should see, feel and smell that the office is clean, orderly and professional.
  • The electrologist should be able to convey to the patient her knowledge of the procedure, after treatment care, sterilization protocol and what her expectations are of the patient.
  • The electrologist should be able to provide realistic patient care time lines and be able to refer patients to health care providers when necessary.
  • Patients should see that the hairs that are being treated are becoming finer, have less color and take longer & longer to come back. Then they are permanently gone.

Body Sugaring:

Tamara's Body Sugaring company has been a huge influence in introducing salons and spas to sugaring paste, a gentler hair removal option over waxing. Licensed professionals must take a training class and pass a test before they get certified using their technique and products.

Sugar hair removal products from Tamara's are very different from any other epilation products. You need to know the proper way to use our products which are safer and more comfortable for your clients. Tamara's Body Sugaring is by far the leading producer of sugar hair epilation products or as some mistakenly call it, sugar wax, in the United States.

I am currentlly a trained Body Sugar Educator, meaning......   I can train you/ and your staff to body sugar too. 


Anyone can use a home microdermabrasion kit, but only licensed professionals can use use a professional microdermabrasion machines (dermatologists, surgeons, nurses, trained esthetician, etc). Microdermabrasion training is relatively new in the US and regulations regarding certification for performing microderm vary from state to state. It's important to understand that training and regulations are necessary because a microderm abrasion machine can damage the skin if it's not used properly. You need specific knowledge and skills to perform it correctly.

The purpose of unified microdermabrasion training regulations is, first and foremost, to make treatment as safe as possible for the patients.

A good microdermabrasion practionioner will know how to analyze a patient's skin, how to talk about the treatment so that patients understand risks and manage expectations and know how to explain before and after treatment care.


Kaplan College Honors graduate with 750 hours of education and hands on training.


Leidecker Institute Graduate of Level 3 Hypnotherapy training.

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