Skin Care 

All Groupon Facials are customized facials specific to your skin type, with upgrades from the facials listed below.


Basic Facial

A facial begins with a cleansing with cotton pads or sponges and a product chosen for your skin type (normal, dry, oily, combination, sensitive, mature.) Skin Analysis is performed through a magnifying lamp that reveals various skin conditions.  Extractions of blackheads or whiteheads if you want it and need it are optional.  Facial massage using classic strokes like effleurage to both relax you and stimulate your skin and facial muscles are a much appreciated addition.  A facial mask targeted to your skin type (dry, oily, combination, sensitive, mature) and condition is applied. Application of toners and protective creams and advice on home skin care.  Prices starting at $40



Removal of impurities may be added to any facial or resurfacing treatment or performed ala carte.

European Style Deep Cleanse Facial: Customized for your specific needs, this deep gentle cleansing of the pores and epidermis will change the way you look at your skin.  This facial consists of steam, extractions, exfoliation, masque, anti-aging products, moisturizer and environmental protection. Includes shoulder and neck massage for ultimate relaxation. Recommended every 4-6 weeks minimum. - 50 minutes      

Custom Microderm Plus Facial: Microdermabrasion plus a full European Style deep cleanse Facial. This combination is a great way to easily remove impurities and balance your skin.  Includes shoulder and neck massage. -80 minutes      

Men’s European Style Deep Cleanse Facial:  A deep cleansing of the pores that also includes the removal of ingrown hairs. Exfoliation will be done as needed and masque will be customized to specific area needs. Masque is followed by toning, corrective products, moisture and environmental protection. Relax after the extractions with a shoulder and neck massage while a soothing masque calms your skin. -50 minutes      

Luxurious Spa Facial: A pampering facial emphasizing on re-hydration and de-stressing you with a thorough cleansing of the face, decollate (upper chest area), shoulders, arms and hands. Experience relaxation while we re-hydrate, exfoliate and anti-age the epidermis. Great for those who need a little extra pampering to the skin, and muscle attention with one visit. - 90 minutes      

The Custom Back Facial: Will improve the appearance and tone of the skin, as well as relax the back muscles. Entails a deep pore cleansing with steam to lift impurities followed by gentle extractions. Exfoliation will be done as needed. Products are chosen according to skin condition. Any skin type from sensitive to acne. -60 minutes      

Image Signature Facial: This amazing facial does it all - Tightens and brightens the skin with antioxidants of grape seed and green tea; Lightens the skin with lemon, lime and orange extracts; Nourishes the skin with a blend of vitamin A, E and C; Soothes with a cocktail of chamomile, cucumber and aloe vera. Not for oily or acne skin. Does not include extractions.  - 50 minutes  

Image 4 Layer Facial: This incredible treatment will truly change the “Image” of your skin in just one treatment. High doses of vitamin C penetrate to tighten the skin. Pharmaceutical grade glycolic acid is used to exfoliate the skin, and gentle but highly active medical grade enzymes to speed up cellular turnover.  Does not include extractions. -50 minutes   

Anti Aging Treatment: Slough off all the dead skin and firm up the new with this successful treatment.  Only top quality products used on the skin by a licensed esthetician who will help you feel and look years younger.  Plan on being pampered and taught about the continuous new apperance your radiating skin can keep.  Great for all seasons of the year.   

Acne Clearing Facial Treatment: Sure to see and feel improvement with every treatment. With every result is a new challenge. Analyzing your skin will help determine the direction of your treatments. Products chosen for your skin will be from the finest organic skincare to a pharmaceutical grade solution. Involves a full consultation every time; gentle cleansing, steam, extractions, antibacterial soothing masque, corrective products, moisturizer and environmental protection. A treatment of high frequency will also be done to kill bacteria, increase circulation and sooth the acne lesions. This also helps promote the healing process as it prevents future breakouts as well. Maintenance will be discussed for your best results. -60 to 75 minutes      

Prices between $50 - $120



Chemical Peels and Resurfacing Treatments

The best way to start treatments is with our European Deep Cleanse Facial. A thorough skin analysis and consultation is required prior to booking any chemical treatment . A commitment must be made to follow my recommendations for successful treatments. A series of six or more treatments is often needed to achieve our expectations. The use of professional homecare products is necessary when increasing the levels of active ingredients professionally; the skin must first build up a tolerance for better penetration. Contraindications will be discussed and a specific home care régime will be recommended for treatment preparation.  Organic peels also available.

Pricing between $50 - $120





Utilizing state of the art technology and offers a non-invasive alternative for reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Microdermabrasion System effectively exfoliates skin by gently propelling a fine stream of crystals onto the skin’s surface. At the same time, exfoliated skin and used crystals are hygienically vacuumed away, revealing rejuvenated and renewed skin.  Microdermabrasion is safe and effective for the following:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Expression Aging
  • Aging, thickened skin
  • Sun Damaged skin
  • Dull and congested skin
  • Reduction in the appearance of stretch marks and scares
  • Pigmentation

Prices Starting at $90

Photo Facial

"Photofacial" is a marketing term for use of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) on the face.  IPL is best at removal of brown and broken blood vessels; it does so with minimal if any downtime.

IPL (Intense Photo Light) therapy is the same as BBL (Broad Band Light) therapy. These encompass a group of potential treatments which preferentially use different colored lights for different applications (from clearing acne, to getting rid of discolorations and sun spots, getting rid of small vessels and spots of redness to getting rid of hair).

Photofacial or photorejuventation refers to treatments which aim to correct sun related damage - sun spots / freckles and capillaries / redness.

Prices Starting at $110


Acne Facial with IPL

Acne can be a real spot of bother for people of all ages, and at some point in our lives we will all suffer from an outbreak. There are many myths about the causes of acne, most surround diet and hygiene, however neither are accurate, as acne is the skins natural reaction to a hormonal imbalance.

Acne is caused by the body’s increased production of the hormone androgen (a male hormone that is present in both men and women), which stimulates the sebaceous gland to produce more oil. The increased production of oil causes pores to become blocked and preventing the oil from coming up to the skins surface. The blocked pore causes bacteria to feed on and break down the oil, producing spots on the skin’s surface.

Treating Acne With Pulsed Laser Technology

Our acne treatment gets straight to the root of the problem. This unique treatment uses specifically selected wavelengths and optimised pulse duration and shape. The light is absorbed by haemoglobin, the red pigment in the blood, which then heats the area producing a minor reaction to the sebaceous glands. This in turn slows down the overall production of oil that leads to acne, thus dramatically reducing the chance of spots and minimizing the appearance of pores in general.

A Fast and Non-Invasive Procedure

The best results are achieved on inflammatory acne, best known as the sore, raised, red pimples. The procedure is non-invasive since the applicator only lightly touches the skin’s surface, making it relatively painless. Tolerance of pain is very individual but it has been described by many as the warm feeling one has after a day on the beach.

Prices Starting at $180



 Combine the science of Microcurrent Technology and advanced proprietary engineering into safe, easy to use, hand-held facial toning device for a great facial  In fact, the microcurrent devices used at Keep It Young are FDA-cleared, so your treatment is not only effective, but also safe.

How it Works
Microcurrent works by targeting the muscles under the skin that cause our facial skin to wrinkle and sag. As we age, our muscles become accustomed to certain expressions and tend to "stick" in these positions. A great example of this is the furrow between the eyebrows. At the same time, other muscles in our face are hardly ever used, and they begin to atrophy, which leads to sagging. An example of this is around the jaw lines, chins and necks where we tend to develop sagging or loss of definition as we get older.

Microcurrent facial toning devices send soft, gentle waves to the muscles in your face that help relax overly-tightened muscles and strengthen under-worked muscles. In essence, microcurrent facial toning "re-educates" the facial muscles and works to restore them back to their original state. When this happens the face is lifted, firmed and toned to a more youthful appearance. At the same time, the microcurrent improves circulation to your face which stimulates production of collagen, improves tone and texture, and helps eliminate fine lines.

Natural, Non-invasive Face-Lift
The results can be so dramatic and immediate that microcurrent treatments are often referred to as "non-surgical face-lifts", and known on the red carpet as "The 5 Minute Face-Lift."

No Downtime
With Microcurrent Technology, there are no needles, no incisions, no need for anesthesia, and no recovery time.

Prices starting at $130


Hair Removal

Body Sugaring

Professional Body Sugar Epilation is a safe, gentle and effective solution to hair extraction for women, men and children. Advanced Body Sugar Epilation offers numerous unique and diverse benefits.

The most important advantage is very fundamental: the Alexandria technique and sugar paste extracts the hair in its natural direction of growth and does so when the hair is still in the early growth stage. This eliminates breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs while exfoliating dry skin cells.

The result: smooth, beautiful skin, without the discomforts of other epilation techniques and possible permanent results.

Please call for pricing - as waxing and body sugaring fees are the same at Keep it Young.




Electrology is a method of permanent hair removal. This process includes sending a very small electrical current to the base of the hair follice. A very fine needle is inserted into the follicle to deliver the current. This current destroys the follicle so it cannot grow a new hair.  The number of electrolysis treatments may vary with each person. Many different factors such as the quantity of hair, hair growth cycles, structure of hair, and heredity determine the best result.   It is important to stay with the desired treatment program in order to achieve best results in the shortest time possible. Personal comfort is essential to knowing you have made the right decision in choosing your electrologist.

In recent years, offices have been quite loose with their use of the term “permanent hair removal.” The question is what do they mean by permanent? While lasers are FDA approved, the FDA does not allow for the marketing of technologies and services that state permanent hair removal. This is because technologies like laser hair removal provide a permanent reduction of hair growth up to 90%, give or take 10%. This means that you shouldn’t expect to permanently remove every single hair from the targeted area; however, you can expect to remove the vast majority of it. Hence, the FDA’s use of the term “permanent hair reduction” rather than permanent hair removal.  The only treatment that can be considered completely permanent is Electrolysis. Because Electrolysis works follicle by follicle, it is safe to say that the individual follicle treated will be permanently removed.

15 Minutes - $25

30 Minutes - $40

45 Minutes - $55

60 Minutes - $65

10 Hour Packages are available for $600




Waxing is accomplished by spreading a wax combination thinly over the skin. A cloth or paper strip is then pressed on the top and ripped off with a quick movement against the direction of hair growth.  This removes the wax along with the hair.

Please contact us for waxing/body sugaring prices, as they are the same at Keep It Young.





Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the hot new rage. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions that give you longer, thicker and very natural looking eyelashes. They look so natural noone will know they are not yours!  Eyelash extension professionals specialize in this revolutionary new service that will extend your natural eyelashes and draw attention to your eyes. Extensions are perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions. They are semi-permanent and made from synthetic fibers. Each lash is applied one by one to your own natural lashes. With proper care and touchup visits they can last a very long time. Your natural lash cycle as well as how you take care of your lashes will affect how long they last.

The extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They provide length and thickness to your own lashes and are available in varying lengths and thickness. They are applied to your individual eyelashes, one lash at a time. There is no need for mascara even though a water based mascara is fine to use. The result is thicker, longer, eye opening eyelashes that are safe in the shower, while swimming, sleeping or exercising.

Eyelash extenstions can start at $30 and go to $200, depending on the look that you are trying to achieve.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly. Starts at $80.00.


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage uses five basic movements to increase circulation and, in theory, remove toxins from muscles. The therapist uses firm but gentle pressure, aided by oil to reduce friction, to compress and relax muscles, always stroking in the direction of the heart.

The principal moves of Swedish massage are:

Effleurage: Long gliding strokes whose pressure can vary depending on the therapist and the client.

Petrissage: A kneading movement designed to relax muscles and increase circulation by compressing and releasing muscle tissue.

Tapotement: Tapping muscles with the side of the hand, fingers or palm to release tension and cramping.

Vibration: Using hands or a machine to create rapid movement that relaxes and soothes muscles.

Friction: This is a strong, rapid, circular movement usually done to release muscle knots. Normally, friction is applied for only a short period of time to avoid an inflammatory response.

Bending and stretching movements may also be used to relax joints.

The Benefits of Swedish Massage

By far, the most popular benefit of Swedish Massage is that it is both relaxing and invigorating. It is an excellent way to help rid the body of tension and to achieve a sense of overall well-being.  Starts at $75.00.





Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands utilizing specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil, cream or lotion based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands with a premise that such work effects a physical change in the body.

Research has shown the specific techniques of reflexology to be effective and beneficial in many ways. Creates relaxation: From the moment the reflexologists hands start their work, the relaxation begins as shown in research using EEG brain activity. Reduces pain: showing impact on individuals of all ages and health states.  Improves blood flow: Separate studies show that reflexology work increases blood flow to the feet, brain, kidneys and intestines.  Benefits mental health: Research demonstrates that reflexology can reduce depression and anxiety. Complements cancer care: Pain, nausea, vomiting, and/or anxiety eased for chemotherapy patients following reflexology work as shown by 16 studies from 7 countries. Eases pregnancy, delivery and post-partum effects: Women who received reflexology experienced shorter labor times and used less analgesia. In addition, reflexology showed a positive impact on postpartum depression, anxiety, urination and bowel movements. In general terms, the benefits of reflexology have to do with the reduction of stress. Because the feet and hands help set the tension level for the rest of the body, they are an easy way to interrupt the stress signal and reset homeostasis, the body's equilibrium.

Reflexology is a complement to standard medical care. It should not be construed as medical advice. It should not be a replacement to medical help.

15 Minutes - $20

30 Minutes - $30




Ear Candling

Ear Candling: A special conical candle is inserted into the ear opening…The candle is lit and slowly begins to burn. Softened wax and fungus is drawn and burns off. You will most likely notice improved hearing, as for the wax blockage has been removed. Sinus drainage will increase after your candling session. This is beneficial and will relieve the pressure in your sinus area. Be ready to be amazed, relieved and relaxed!
45 minutes - $40.00 for both ears, $15.00 each additional candle, allow for extra time.

Professional Make Up Application

Make up Application using mineral make up and learn how to choose the right makeup colors for your skin type and skin tone.




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